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Gerry Martin CuraLin Review

“I decided to get a trial pack of CuraLin and since then I have never looked back. The results have been fantastic with my average fasting readings at 5.7! My quality of life has changed and I now have a lot more energy, sleep better and most of all, my bladder control is normal.”

– Gerry Martin

June Gregory CuraLin Review

“I came across CuraLin online and started taking the natural supplement 2 weeks ago. The effects have been almost instant. My fasting bloods have been between 6.8 and 7.1 after the first 2 tablets and now my daily readings have been between 4.8 and 6.”

– June Gregory

Jan Husdel

“My levels have dropped to normal in the past 4 weeks… I am over the moon…
I had an HbA1c check on Monday and the results were fantastic. In only four weeks my levels have dropped from 60 to 50. I altered nothing in my diet or exercise. This result is purely down to CuraLin. My doctor is astounded and is happy to recommend CuraLin to other patients.
Thanks to CuraLife for this brilliant natural supplement!!!! Wow”

– Janet Husdell


“Since starting to use CuraLin my blood sugar levels have dropped 45% quite delighted with the great improvement. AMAZING!!!”

– Allen Williams 


“Absolutely amazing, in 3 months I have dropped my average from 10.4 to 5.6, Now getting a full night’s sleep with no toilet breaks, no dry mouth, and very incredible energy levels.”

– Steve Knibbs

Dr Tahera Baqui

“I have been using CuraLin for 3 months. I have reduced my diabetic medicine dose and I am not struggling with my fasting sugar. Very good product! Thank you.”

Dr. Tahera Baqui

Maria Antoniou

“My sugars went down from 11 to 8.6 by day 7!”

– Maria Antoniou

David C

“In conjunction with watching my dietary carbohydrate intake using CuraLin has allowed me to take control of my blood-sugar levels more effectively than was the case on conventional orthodox medication. I have been using Karela extract exclusively in the form of CuraLin for almost a year and it is only very rarely that my fasting levels are outwith the recommended 4-8 mmol/l and that by less than 0.5 even when I binge on carbs. It has been a revelation.”

– David Crawford

Doreen CuraLin

“Good value for money. In fact you cannot compare good health to any amount of cost. I started CuraLin about a month ago and l’m completely off My metformin tablets. The most satisfying thing is that it’s all natural products.My sugar level is between 4.5-7.0 which l never had with metformin and all its horrible side effects.l highly recommend it anyone to try it.l’m very conscious with what I eat and l’m really enjoying my gentle group exercises at the gym.l feel much better. Thanks to all the CuraLin team.”

– Doreen Crosby

Norman Apperley

“After using the trial package bought a new supply and am happy to report very good results. About ten weeks ago i was getting readings of 20 plus and about to be put on insulin with diet changes and small bit of exercise reduced levels to 9s and 10s. Now after just over 3 weeks of use am now in the 6s and 7s and feel a lot better. I have now stopped taking Metformin and am tweaking capsules of CuraLin. Will be ordering some more as happy with results to-date. I have lost over 20lbs in weight over past ten weeks so in conjunction with diet bit of exercise and CuraLin happy to report i seem to be reducing diabetic condition after ten years.”

– Norman Apperley

Adam Raman

“It has been very effective at bringing down my glucose levels and keeping them under control.”

Adam Raman


“Thanks to curalife my energy is on the way back and my sugar levels are way down very pleased with the results.”

– Sean Healy

Tom S

“By the third day of taking these pills, my blood sugar was dropped from 170 to 107.”

– Tom Silzer

Keith CuraLin

“Tried CuraLin and helped my blood sugars come down, also curbed my appetite. Would recommend.”

Keith Fleming

David CuraLin

“CuraLin is fantastic! I was amazed after my trial capsules. First day my sugar levels came down from 8+ to under 6. I was taking 4 to 6 caps per day. Now after a few months I find I only need to take 2 a day and my weekly average is around 6. I’ve recommended CuraLin to fellow type 2 diabetics.”

– David Wiedemann


“Until two months ago my blood sugar levels were extremely difficult to ‘manage’. The only options available from my Health Centre appeared to be increasing dosages of Metformin and Gliclazide … I was, in fact, on the maximum recommended doses and had been informed that the next stage was ‘Insulin’ by injection…Suffice to say that since beginning with the ‘starter sample’ I have not looked back, my blood sugars are more easily managed, my appetite and digestion are better and I am no longer under the threat of ‘next step insulin’. Having positive results from the use of ‘CuraLin’ also helps with what I term ‘diabetes depression’…Using ‘CuraLin’ has allowed me to form a more positive frame of mind in relation to my diabetes control … as I can ‘see’ positive reductions in blood sugar levels and better management and therefore I become more positive mentally and thus a happier (I hope) human being!
…to say that the use of this product has changed my life would be an understatement.
My first blood sugar tests every morning are now showing regular returns of between 4 and 6 and I have been able to reduce my Metformin and Gliclazide medications to 50% of previous intake.
Thanks again for an excellent product and excellent customer support.”

– Malcolm Crawford

Dr. Kaplan

Dr. Rodrigez

Dr. Eliyahu